Highlander (TBA)

Director: TBA

U.S. Opening Date: TBA


The team behind the most recent Fast & Furious movie - director Justin Lin and producer Neal H. Moritz - will direct and produce this remake.

Iron Man co-writers Art Marcum and Matt Holloway will script this remake of the big screen 1986 sci-fi cult hit Highlander.

Russell Mulcahy's original starred Christopher Lambert as an immortal Scotsman named Connor Macleod, one of a race of immortals who can only be killed when beheaded with a sword.

After living in peace for four centuries, he is challenged by an old enemy named Kurgan. During a fierce sword battle in the 1500s, Connor MacLeod, a simple Scotsman known as a poor fighter, is mortally wounded - but he does not die. MacLeod learns from the mysterious Ramirez (Sean Connery) that he is of a race of immortals. These rare knights never age and never reproduce, they can only meet death by the blade of another of their kind. Leaping back and forth through the centuries, MacLeod once again meets the evil Kurgan who nearly killed him 500 years ago.

Peter Davis, one of the original producers of the 1986 film, will also produce the new version of the film.


Reasons why we hate Hollywood # 3 634!

After milking all they can from this franchise – after all it spawned four sequels (all of them crap) and three television shows! – they are now going the remake route. Dear God, why? The last sequel didn’t even make it to the cinema screens and was consigned to DVD shelves to gather dust – lots of dust.

And worst of all: Queen aren't even around anymore to write any new songs for it! Come back Freddie Mercury - all is forgiven!


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