Legend of the Guardians (2010)

Sam Neill, Geoffrey Rush, Hugo Weaving, David Wenham, Emily Barclay, Abbie Cornish, Emilie de Ravin, Ryan Kwanten, Jay Laga'aia, Miriam Margolyes, Helen Mirren, Jim Sturgess
Director: Zack Snyder

U.S. Opening Date: September 24th, 2010


An animated feature film by director Zack Snyder (Watchmen, Dawn of the Dead remake) based on the series of children's books by Kathryn Lasky.

Most of the main characters are owls, and the series is a cross between animal fiction such as Watership Down and epic fantasy. In the October / November months of 2008, the main series ended with fifteen books, the most recent book in the series being The War of the Ember. (However, the series will continue with more accompanying books, including the already-released Guide Book to the Great Tree and the upcoming book Lost Tales of the Great Tree - a sneak peek was provided at the end of book fifteen. Kathryn Huang Knight writes the accompanying series.)

The film is set in the Forest of Tyto, where Barn Owls live in peace until their kingdom is threatened by an evil that could destroy their home.

Owls of St. Aggie’s, ostensibly an orphanage, where owlets are brainwashed into becoming soldiers, kidnap Soren, a young barn owl. He and his new friends escape to the island of Ga'Hoole, to assist its noble, wise owls who fight the army being created by the wicked rulers of St. Aggie's.

The film will be based on the first three books in the series. / Wikipedia


An animated movie based on a series of children’s books about owls? An interesting choice for the director of the ultraviolent Watchmen and Dawn of the Dead remake!




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