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District 9 (2009)

Robert Hobbs, Jason Cope, Sharlto Copley
Directed by: Neill Blomkamp

U.S. Opening Date: August 14th, 2009



District 9 depicts a fictional world where extraterrestrials have become refugees in South Africa.

Thirty years ago, aliens made first contact with Earth. Humans waited for the hostile attack, or the giant advances in technology. Neither came. Instead, the aliens were refugees, the last survivors of their home world. The creatures were set up in a makeshift home in South Africa’s District 9 as the world’s nations argued over what to do with them.

Now, patience over the alien situation has run out. Control over the aliens has been contracted out to Multi-National United (MNU), a private company uninterested in the aliens’ welfare – they will receive tremendous profits if they can make the aliens’ awesome weaponry work. So far, they have failed; activation of the weaponry requires alien DNA.

The tension between the aliens and the humans comes to a head when an MNU field operative, Wikus van der Merwe (Sharlto Copley), contracts a mysterious virus that begins changing his DNA. Wikus quickly becomes the most hunted man in the world, as well as the most valuable – he is the key to unlocking the secrets of alien technology. Ostracized and friendless, there is only one place left for him to hide: District 9.

After plans for a big screen Halo movie to be produced by Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings, King Kong) and directed by Neil Blomkamp fell through because of budgetary concerns, District 9 was announced. Neil Blomkamp is of course the South African director who made a splash with that Citroen car morphing into a dancing giant robot commercial a few years back.

"We have seen some of [director] Neil [Blomkamp]'s enormously creative work launching Halo 3 and he is a true talent who understands how to use visual effects in full service of the story. With Peter Jackson and his team at WETA workshop working with Neil, we believe District 9 can be a true event tent pole on our release slate," said Amy Pascal, Co-Chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment.

It was filmed on location in South Africa.


We were skeptical about District 9 being a rehash of Alien Nation (you know, the movie about the real aliens from outer space being shipwrecked in L.A.), but then we saw the trailer below and you can consider us excited now!










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