The Cape: Fallen #1
Writer: Jason Ciaramella
Artist: Zach Howard
Colors: Nelson Daniel
Published by: IDW Comics

Reviewed by: Rick Garcia

The Cape: Fallen is a sequel to the hit comic that depicts the dark side of “super heroes”. In the original one shot the main character named Eric Chase gains superpowers and used them to get revenge on those he felt had wronged him over the years. In the story there is a three day gap (At least that is what is mentioned in the afterwards to this comic by the writer) where Eric disappears. This mini series covers the three missing days.

I never read the original one shot or its prequel ( Cape: 1969) so I wanted to see if this first issue of the Fallen was new reader “friendly.” Thanks to writer Jason Ciaramella, it largely is. The story opens with a super-powered Eric ,flying around and thinking about his life. He reflects on his past, back when his father took him and his brother Josh to a surprise trip to a log cabin for a few days.A trip that Eric remembers as one of his happiest memories. Adult Eric goes back to the cabin and discovers new occupants there. He is welcomed by the odd group of young adults and it appears that his life is going to go in a positive direction this time.

Jason Ciaramella doesn’t provide action in this issue, but he does give us a chance to learn a bit about Eric, just enough so that we can sympathize with him on his troubled journey.He also adds a few memorable supporting players to have Eric interact with.

Zach Howard’s art is wonderful. The characters are distinct , the action is clear and the details are impressive. His style is a bit cartoonish but in a good way (Most Independent comics I have read almost go overboard with what appears to be photo tracing when it comes to people depicted in them). Nelson Daniel is outstanding on colors. There are subdued colors in the scenes taking place at night and a vibrant look to the flashbacks. Shawn Lee provides the lettering on this and it is very professional and easy to read. Great work all around.

The Cape: Fallen is definitely intriguing enough to warrant a return visit.

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