Written by: Joe R. Lansdale & Kasey Lansdale
Published by: Cutting Block Books
Pages: 248

Reviewed by: Naomi Downing

Dana Roberts is a paranormal, or as she likes to call it supernormal, investigator. She is invited to be a guest speaker to a club, where she tells them about different investigations she has done. Some stories are not told in the club.

The stories are both creepy and interesting, I didn’t want to put it down once I started reading. Even though each story had it’s own setting and feel to it, it turned into a cohesive book. I really liked how most of the stories had a title starting with “The Case of the” it really made it like you were reading about things that actually happened.

The Case of the Lighthouse Shambler is the first short story, it is where we are introduced to the club and Dana. I really enjoyed how this wasn’t your typical haunted lighthouse story, the descriptions put me right next to Dana as the investigation unfolded.

The Case of the Stalking Shadow might keep you out of the woods for awhile or at least away from oddly shaped trees, literally gave me goosebumps while reading because I love walking in the woods… probably won’t be doing that for awhile because this story really stuck with me.

The Case of the Four Acre Haunt is definitely not a story to read while you’re alone in your house at night you will jump at every noise you hear, I know I did. Humans can be the most evil things, even after their death.

The Case of the Angry Traveler has to be my favorite story in the whole book. If you think alligators in the sewer is scary read this story and it will change your mind. I like the city under a city idea it gave a claustrophobic feeling to the setting and made me wonder what is really under the places we walk through everyday.

Blind Love is an unexpected story in this book. Dana wasn’t looking for an investigation in this, the supernormal found her. It was interesting how the paranormal aspect played out in this, and even though it involved speed dating I found myself enjoying it.

The Case of the Bleeding Wall drew me in from the beginning. Investigating a haunted house is very exciting and humorous.

The Case of the Ragman’s Anguish, this novella was one of those edge of your seat stories.
Overall this is a great collection of stories and novellas. They all have solid characters, interesting story lines, and the perfect amount of suspense.


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