Star Wars Rebels

Starring: Taylor Gray, Vanessa Marshall, Freddie Prinze Jr., Steve Blum, Tiya Sircar, Corey Baker
Directed by: Dave Filoni & Sergio Paez
Written by: Steven Melching
Series Count: Season 2, Episode 6

This week on Star Wars Rebels we get some backstory on Hera (Vanessa Marshal) and an origin. The origin is not solely on Hera herself, but on one of the Rebel Alliance’s greatest star fighters, The B-Wing. The Empire has a blockade around the planet of Ibar. If the Rebel Alliance cannot penetrate the Empire’s defenses, the people of Ibar will starve.

We are given a taste of just how dire the need is for the Rebels to receive these supplies at the beginning of the episode. We also see Hera in her element leading the attack on the Empire with Phoenix Squadron. Ironically enough, Phoenix Squadron, a detachment of A-Wing fighters, are based on original Ralph McQuarrie concept designs. To get through the blockade, the Rebels know they will need a better class of star fighter to defeat the Empire. Captain Rex (Dee Bradley Baker) suggests an eccentric engineer named Quarrie (Corey Burton) might have the ship they need. Kanan (Freddie Prinze Jr.) volunteers Hera for the mission.

Hera is off in the Phantom to find Quarrie (pictured above) and bring back the fire power they so desperately need. The planet where Quarrie resides is one where few star fighters can fly. His reasoning to live there is that if his ship can fly there, it can fly anywhere. Quarrie reveals a red prototype for what we all know as the B-Wing. The only problem is, that he has never flown it before. He believes it is safer to design these ships, not fly them. The heart of this story is Hera expressing her need to fly. No matter how crazy or perilous the situation, she feels at home piloting a vessel. She proves to Quarrie that she has the right stuff just in time to help the Rebels. It is simple story this week, but one that reveals more about Hera and pushes her character further along.

The creative minds behind the series once again paid tribute Ralph McQuarrie with the naming of the engineer, Quarrie. There were two other great homages in “Wings of the Master”. Corey Burton, a long time Star Wars voice actor, made his first Star Wars Rebels appearance. Burton was the original voice of Luke Skywalker in the 1979 Star Wars Read Long 45 Record released by Disney. It was a thrill to hear his voice now added to this series. The other great homage came from Star Wars Rebels composer Kevin Kiner. Outside of his incredible John Williams’ style of music, “Wings of the Master” had key notes that reminded me of James Horner’s The Rocketeer score. More than appropriate music for Hera as she piloted the B-Wing on its maiden voyage. [review]

Rebels Recon #2.06: Inside “Wings of the Master” | Star Wars Rebels

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