ThrawnLucasfilm and Disney XD have released the first trailer for Star Wars Rebels Season 3. The trailer landed today at Star Wars Celebration Europe. At the panel, there were two new clips revealed, one revealed Mandalorians that worked for the Empire, the other showed that Maul is still a force to be feared.

The big news was that Grand Admiral Thrawn will join the Star Wars Rebels cast (see our additional coverage here). The other geektastic news is that Tom Baker, the fourth Doctor Who, will join the show as well. He makes the second Doctor Who, David Tennant was the first, to join the Star Wars Universe. Check out the trailer, press release, images, and poster below!

Star Wars Rebels
Press Release:
A brand new “Star Wars Rebels” trailer debuted at Star Wars Celebration Europe today and revealed some big hints of what’s to come in the hit series’ third season, including new characters Grand Admiral Thrawn — a fan-favorite from Star Wars Legends voiced by “House of Cards” Lars Mikkelsen — and Bendu, an ancient and powerful new character voiced by classic “Doctor Who” actor Tom Baker.

The trailer also signaled a much larger leadership role for the series’ rebel firebrand, Sabine Wren, (Tiya Sircar), whose Mandalorian roots will also be further explored.

Star Wars Rebels” Season 3 will debut this fall on Disney XD.

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Star Wars Rebels

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