Title (Season 2, Episode 9): Going Out Fighting
Director: Peter DeLuise
Writers: Created by Joseph Mallozzi, and Paul Mullie. Written by Ivon R Bartok
Starring: Melissa O’Neil, Anthony Lemke, Alex Mallari Jr., Jodelle Ferland, Roger Cross, Zoie Palmer, Melanie Liburd, Mike Doped, and more.
Episode length: 42 minutes


After Two collapses,  the rest of the Raza crew comes together to save her, undertaking a daring mission against almost insurmountable odds in another great episode.

Another Stargate SG-1 alum joins the show as Peter DeLuise directs a great action packed episode in the show’s second season. The crew is once again portrayed as a formidable team this time around as they all come together to try to fix whatever’s wrong with Two, before its too late.

Wil Wheaton makes another guest appearance as the unsavory, and villainous Alex Rook, President and CEO of Dwarf Star Technologies, who once again seems eager, and determined to end the life of Rebecca (Two) in an episode that reveals a lot about her past, and what she is. Wheaton makes a good villain in this, he’s suitably creepy and plain old unpleasant, as he hams it up in the role.

The newly acquired Blink Drive also has an impact on the narrative, showing just how handy it can be to have one. The episode was resplendent with devices and technology, like the nanites that make Two special. This array of devices, portray some of the advances made in the universe the show’s events take place in. This, of course, adds an abundance of science fiction elements, custom designed to make a science fiction fan smile with appreciation.

Here’s the recap, laced with some commentary like usual. (*warning, spoilers follow*)

Going Out Fighting begins with the not-too-sunrising revelation that Four and Nyx’s relationship has evolved to the stage of physical intimacy, and afterwards, an awkward conversation lets us know they want to keep it a secret, for now, and that they are not certain how they feel about one another, or whether their relationship will go beyond the physical.

Despite their attempts at secrecy Four figures out what’s going on pretty quick, and Five seems to know something’s up too, and seems embarrassed about it.

Later, Three, when talking with Six, reveals he is concerned about the welfare of his people, because his home planet, Zairon, is involved in an interplanetary war, and if it looses, it will be very bad for a very long time. He admits he thinks about going home every day.

Sounds like the makings of another story arc, involving the prince, we can pretty much count on seeing later in the show. That’s the thing about this series, despite the fact it hasn’t been stingy about moving the story along with new developments, we’ve barley scratched the surface of all the potential storylines this show has yet to explore with the characters on board the Raza and beyond. What’s not to love?

Five calls on Two, and when she doesn’t respond to attempts to get her by communicator, or knocks on her door, she is found by Five passed out on the floor of her cabin just like she was at the end of last week’s episode. Once in the medical bay, a quick scan  tells the story, and Ann gives her the bad news. He nanites are failing and she’s dying unless something is done, and fast. The crew comes together quickly in its decision to try to help her any way it can. Devon is nowhere to be seen, and no one mentions him either.

The result of the crew’s decision is a trip to earth, required in order to visit the place where she was created. This is the place that appeared in her mind link with Five, when it was revealed a lot of bad things happened to her in her past, and this was the place where they happened. When they arrive at Earth, courtesy of the Blink Drive they discover the headquarters of DST is connected to a space station by a space elevator, and the challenge will be getting past security to access it.

Its decided Two herself cannot go, because she would be immediately recognized and probably never be seen again, so Nyx and Four/Boone case the place, and find they are faced with extreme security measures including an army of armed guards. They use an ID card to hack into the company’s computer and get some records to find a way in.

They track down an employee, Eric Waver (Jonas Chernick) who they visit and coerce into taking them to the space station to get what they need, some upgraded nanites that should fix the problem and save Two’s life.

It turns out Eric has some past with Rebecca, he was a junior member of the team that created her, and it was his job to feed her, and later educate her as well, and when she escaped she killed everyone but spared him because he has been kind to her and they had bonded. He reveals what we already knew that she’s a bioengineered life form created by DST, and as an earlier edition, they also tested her to the limit which was the equivalent of torture, and now they just want her to go away and be forgotten.

He also reveals they found a solution to the problem that’s causing her nanites to fail, and have some of the new ones in the space station, but of course, the security that have to get past is a major problem.

The solution is a device that scans someone’s retina and imprints it on someone else’s, and when they convince Eric to invite a couple of fellow employees over, it provides the episode with some amusing moments in what is otherwise a straight forward action packed adventure story. Another mission impossible for the crew to tackle and defeat.

The two guys that come over seem as if they may be a gay couple, and when they express how cool they think the eye device is it seems they are also a couple of tech nerds who both temporarily forget their circumstances because they too busy admiring how cool the device is. These guys were pretty funny, and do a good job as a device to provide some humor.

There is another oddly amusing moment in the show, when Ann sees Five having what she thinks is coffee. It turn out its hot chocolate, and Ann reminds her she has taste buds, and makes no attempt to disguise she wants to try it, she sips it, and  then sips it again, all the while telling Five not to worry because Two will be fine, and as she leaves, it  becomes a moment that reveals Ann is becoming more human, because as she leaves her facial expression shows she doesn’t necessarily believe everything she said to Five, and also she doesn’t give the hot chocolate back, but keeps it for herself.

So, of course, when Three and Six go to pass security for the elevator to the station  the retina scan doesn’t work on Three, at least not at first, but eventually it does. When they got to the lab where the nanites are kept, they’re about to make their get away when they are confronted by Rook and several armed guards. He says he’s been expecting them. He has Eric killed and takes the others prisoner. While he has them he takes Three way on his own and straps him into a chair and exposes him to something. Something dark and alien, and when Four returns, he’s not himself and Six notices.

Meanwhile back on the Raza Two gets antsy and thinks some thing’s wrong, and she’s right. They devise a plan to go into the place by adjusting the Blink Drive to work on the Marauder and drop it into an unused hanger in the space station so they can raid the place and rescue their friends.This implies a new level of sophistication in using the Drive, and different ways it can be used.

Once again Rook is waiting for them and he reveals he has some upgraded models of the same sort of bioengineered humanoid as Rebecca which he unleashes on her. It attacks her and soon proves it is faster, and stronger by thoroughly kicking her ass, and when Nyx tries to help it slaps her around pretty good too.

Finally, Three shows up after rescuing Six and Four and he shoots  it in it in the back, and then a few times more for good measure, and then, finally uses his blade on it just to be sure.

For a moment it seems it might be too late, as Two collapses again, but Six uses his wits and takes some of the blood from the model they just killed and insets it into Two, who after few moments ones bak to life. they escape and return to the Raza.

When they return tot ship Two and Six set up a trap for Four , because they suspect  he’s not his usual self, when they imprison him he indeed reveals there’s something inside him that’s  not normal, so they put him in a pod until they can figure out what to do, when they do the alien presence inside him tries to escape his body, and when it does they relies it into an airlock and space it

The episode ends with Ann saying she is need of  a recharge, ands she leaves to do so. The next scene shows her waking up in a bed as the upgraded version of herself and looking as if she has no idea where she is or what’s going on. Its not made clear if its a dream or reality, but I have faith this will be explained in next week’s episode.

This was another great episode of this series, which I refuse to take for granted, and still  consider to be a minor miracle to be appreciated on a weekly basis. That seems to be the smart thing to do considering the history of the network it appears on. I am really grateful for what we  have gotten so far and sincerely hope it continues for a long time to come. The cast is really enjoyable, and the stories it tells are great. Its starting to look like NYx is going to be a part of the crew going forward too, which is nice. She makes a nice addition to the show.

I am really enjoying how the show is including more exterior shots of the Raza  as part of the show, with shots of the Marauder coming and going. The depiction of earth in the episode was nice, a  quick shot of a futuristic city, reminiscent of stuff we have seen in some of the Star Wars movies, and elsewhere. These shots give the show some aded context, and a nice flavor of outer space adventure that is also a welcome addition to a series of this type.

The former Stargate guys and girls have created a winning formula with this series, and I hope it continues for awhile to come. With only four episodes left in the season, I have to wonder about what’s next for the show  and how they plan to end the season. Long live the Raza and her crew. Happy viewing, see you next time.




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