Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Duke 
Director: John McTiernan, 
Edition Details: Region 2 encoding (Europe, Middle East & Japan only)



The ideological opposite of Alien almost, Predator is a cheap B-movie by all accounts. Its most original aspect is the nasty alien monster design, while the rest is recycled Rambo and Alien.

To make up for this, the pace is fast and furious with lots of one-liners. In its single-mindedness (it hardly wastes any time in getting around to the action), one can see why Predator is still so popular today. Hey, if you want an Arnie flick with loads of mindless action then this is the one to grab. Interesting to note is the presence of one Jessie Ventura, who went into politics and become the governor of an American state. Only in America . . .

The disc is also the ideological opposite of the Alien disc. Although it is a newer movie than Alien, Predator has lots of grain and scratches on the print at times. It's probably better than some old played to death pan 'n' scan VCR tape from your local video shop, but one expects better to be honest. The sound has a kick though. There are no special features, just a trailer that makes the movie sounds worse than it is (it has one of those portentous voice-overs peculiar to bad action movies made in the 1980s).

WORTH IT? Nope. The picture quality is below par and Predator features no special features.

RECOMMENDATION: You'd be better off saving your money and spending it on the Two-Disc Special Edition released in 2002 because the media's possibilities went unheeded in this particular DVD release.


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