Starring: Suzanne Voss, Matt Mercer, Najarra Townsend
Written and Directed by: Matt Mercer and Mike Testin
Running Time: 67 Minutes
Reviewed by: Dan Oles

In the proud tradition of Crazy Far Ethel comes another in the niche market of old age as the catalyst of horror in low budget splatter fare. To be fair Dementia II has plenty of production value, but the soul is the same as the classic video gross-out flicks. If old people scare you for the crime of being old prepare to cringe.

There’s not much to say plot wise. What little exists would be spoiled by the poster or the tagline. In a minimalist way we have a mysterious cold open, a hapless protagonist, a kindly but sinister octogenarian and we’re off the races at intervals between break neck violence and sluggish padding.

It all concludes in a weirdly self-aware way which isn’t even consistent with the first Dementia film.

There’s moments of stylish unease but nothing too original to see. Acting is okay and simply that, constantly upstaged by the grossness.
I’m certain the cast had a great time making this…whatever it could be classified as accurately…but it’s not destined to be recalled much outside of a very niche market.

Still, a niche market isn’t no market and maybe committing completely to a cause no matter how minor is commendable.
This is an unapologetic midnight movie. That much, and very little else, can be said.

Our Score: 55 out of 100

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