Deadpool ShockedSPOILERS

If you haven’t seenĀ LOGAN yet, the following scene appears directly in front fo the film.




Fair enough warning?

Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool himself, has officially released the scene that teases Deadpool 2. The scene is awesome on the big screen, but it all honesty it is fun to see it over and over again online. The use of John Williams’ “Superman Theme” is both ironically funny and a bit of a quagmire. How much did Fox and Marvel shell out for that music? I especially appreciate the use of Hans Zimmer’s “True Romance” theme at the end.

“No Good Deed” appears in front of LOGAN, which is out now in theaters. Check out our review HERE.

From Ryan: “Wade and the other girls from the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants plan a trip to Cabot Cove.”

By Robert Trate

In my career as a writer, I have made Doctor Who giggle, asked Ahsoka Tano what underwear she was wearing, and spoke with a Raptor from Jurassic Park.

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