When last we left Dark Matter in the Season 2 finale, the crew of the Raza – Two, Three, Five, Six, and the Android – were trying to stop the Ferrous Corporation from starting an intergalactic corporate war by blowing up a space station where different companies were meeting.

Ryo, formerly Four, had reclaimed his throne as Emperor of Zairon and was down with the corporate war, as it would benefit his planet. He also stole the Blink Drive, a powerful teleportation device, from his old crewmates. His right-hand woman, Misaki, offed Ryo’s love interest, newbie Raza member Nyx. The season ended with Two, Three and Six seemingly blown up in the explosion, while the Android and Five (working a blond wig) watched helplessly.

So, it seems like Ryo is enemy #1 with his former teammates and the Android is packing some serious heat, all leading up to an explosive two-part season premiere.

The show features Melissa O’Neill, Anthony Lemke, Alex Mallari Jr, Jodelle Ferland, Roger Cross, and Zoie Palmer as the crew of the rogue spaceship Raza.

Dark Matter returns to SyFy with a two-hour premiere on Friday, June 9 at 8/7c.


By Craig Suide

A genuine (OCD) enthusiast of Sci-FI and fantasy. Addicted to stories. a life-long fan of movies, TV, and pop culture in general. Purchased first comic book at age five, and never stopped. Began reading a lot early on, and discovered ancient mythology, and began reading science fiction around the same time. Made first attempts at writing genre fiction around age 12 Freelance writer for Sci-Fi Nerd (Facebook), retired professional gourmet chef. ex-musician, and illustrator

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