With the release of the Assassin’s Creed big screen film there is also the requisite releases of merchandise based on the film. Now if you’re looking for something besides and action figure or vinyl pop…an actual interesting collectible item, then check out the Assassin’s Creed Cane Sword replica. Although you might think “toy” it’s definitely being branded as a collectible replica and not for kids. In fact it is even give a 17+ age rating on the box and specifically warns, “Not for use by children”. Ok that might be a little strongly worded, particularly when I think back to some of the toys I had as a kid, but they are clearly targeting collectors with this item.cane-1

The item is a life-size replica of the weapon used by Jacob Frye in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. The item is made out of durable, heavy plastic and weighs around 1.5 lbs so I guess you can see why they don’t want kids running around whacking each other with it. The Cane’s handle is molded into a detailed bird’s head with intricately carved patterns. It is painted a gold/bronze with some highlighted darker portions to give it an aged look.

The main body of the cane is a rigid plastic and molded to give it the look of polished wood, and ornamented with a couple of gold-colored rings. The bottom five inches is made to resemble a brass or god cap. There is a button at the top of the cane to allow you to pull out the “sword” part of the cane. Since the overall length of the sword is about 20” and the blade around 12” it is really more a dagger than a sword. Now the blade is rigid and the point is sharp for being plastic so yes, you probably could do some damage with this if you wanted. At the bottom of the cane is another button. Give it a push to release the spring-loaded scythe, so you get two weapons in one. Push the scythe back inside the cane to reset the action.cane-3

The actual gold paint isn’t a shiny as what you see pictured on the box. The actual gold pain is flatter so it doesn’t quite have the luster that is pictured. As a display item or as an accessory to cosplay, this is a very cool item. Just don’t make the mistake of giving it to the kids and turning your back.

Prices seem to vary greatly depending on the retailer so look around and do your research.


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By Timothy Janson

Tim Janson has been an entertainment writer for 20 years whose credits include: Fangoria, City Slab, Newsarama, Collider, The Horror Review, Mania Entertainment, and several others. He is an avid collector of books and swords.

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