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The Dark Knight (2008)

Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Aaron Eckhart, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Eric Roberts
Director: Christopher Nolan

U.S. Opening Date: July 18th, 2008


Forget about those embarrassing nipples on the “bat suit” in Batman & Robin. Forget about Jack Nicholson’s slightly portly Joker in the 1989 movie. Forget about the noisy and overbearing Tommy Lee Jones as Two-Face in Batman Forever. Now remember 2005’s kick-ass Batman Begins and crank up the volume to 11. That’s what audiences can expect of The Dark Knight, the first big screen Batman movie without the word Batman in the title . . .

For starters, the Joker is back. But this time he isn’t played as a benign nasty clown as Jack Nicholson did back then. Instead this “new” Joker, as portrayed by the sadly deceased Heath Ledger, is an absolutely maniacal murderous psychopath as co-star Michael Caine said in an interview. “You have never seen anything like it in your life,” Caine said in an interview. “He is very, very scary.”

Ledger prepared for his role by reading all the comics he could that were relevant to the script and “then just closing my eyes and meditating on it.” Apparently Ledger sat around in a hotel room in London for a month experimenting with voices. (One wonders what the neighbours must have thought!) “It was important to try and find a somewhat iconic voice and laugh,” he said. “I ended up landing more in the realm of a psychopath – someone with very little to no conscience. I think we all have that in us.”

Christian Bale is back again as Batman / Bruce Wayne, but with even cooler toys and outfits this time. Even the “batsuit” has been changed – not only does it look more sophisticated technology-wise, but it actually has retractable razor claws which can be fired. Ironically the new costume worn by Bale is about 3.6 kilograms heavier than the old one. The actor however insists that it was a lot more comfy though, plus there’s one added bonus: unlike all the previous bat suits worn in all the other movies, a new design now allows the actor wearing it to actually turn his head left and right and nod up and down – something which all the previous actors were unable to do!

Batman also has a so-called “Batpod” – a redesigned Batcycle that can shoot grappling hooks in addition to your standard cannons and machine guns. The bike has huge fat 508 millimetre front and rear tyres and the rider rides belly down on the tank, which by the way can move up and down so that you can dodge any bullets. Perfect for commuting then!

Throw in several helicopters and C-130 aircraft rented by the film-makers and an explosion at London’s famed Battersea power station that actually made several nervous local residents phone the authorities believing that the station was under terrorist attack; and it seems as if The Dark Knight is going to kick some serious butt when it opens in U.S. cinemas on 18 July . . .




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  • Hugh Jackman, Ryan Phillippe, Liev Schreiber, and Josh Lucas expressed interest in the role of District Attorney Harvey Dent.
  • As a joke, one bat suit was made with nipples. It was presented to Christian Bale as the real bat suit, but he knew instantly it was a joke, having seen a few design pictures during preproduction. He did pose for some publicity photos in the "nipple" suit.
  • The Dark Knight is the first Batman film to not have "Batman" in the title.
  • At the time when the Penguin was rumored to be in the movie, Bob Hoskins appeared as a fan favorite. He stated that he would have loved to portray the role and work with Christopher Nolan, calling him a fantastic director. Christopher Nolan then stated he had no intention of using the Penguin calling him a too far fetched character.
  • Robin Williams, Lachy Hulme, Paul Bettany, and Adrien Brody all expressed interest for the role of the Joker before Heath Ledger was cast. Sean Penn was the original choice.
  • When asked, "Why Heath Ledger as the Joker?" Christopher Nolan said, "Because he's fearless."
  • Turning down a salary estimated at between $1 million and $2 million -- an increase over the roughly $1 million she was believed to have earned for Batman Begins (2005) -- Katie Holmes chose not to reprise her role as Rachel Dawes. This was due to what was described as 'scheduling conflicts'.
  • Jerry Robinson, who is credited as one of the original creators of the Joker will be serving as a consultant on the project.
  • Before Maggie Gyllenhaal replaced Katie Holmes in the role of Rachel Dawes, both Rachel McAdams and Emily Blunt were rumored for the part.
  • While filming on the streets of Chicago in April 2007, the filming was carried out under the fake movie title "Rory's First Kiss". Fliers regarding the filming carried this fake title, complete with a fake "RFK" logo for the movie and an address for the film's production offices.
  • One of the extra's military uniforms has the name "Philo" on it named after Joan Philo, the extra's casting director for the film.





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