Written by:Jeremy K. Brown
Published by: 47North
Pages: 335

Reviewed by: Shannon Allen

Zero Limit takes the mundane act of mining and gives it a very interesting premise. Curling up I was excited to catch a ride on this roller coaster ride in space. This novel takes the lives of a crew of miners that take on an assignment that sits in the grey margins of the law. Each have their own reasons for agreeing to go. Each has something at stake, but no one as much as the crew chief Caitlin Taggart. Her reasons are far more immediate with time running out fast.

This is also a novel that at the subplot level we are looking at discrimination of race and place of birth. This novel held several aspects that I look for in the books I regularly read. Unfortunately, this book fell a bit short for me. On an overall glance, it is a book that can’t make it’s mind up if it is non-fiction or fiction. There are large info dumps, that even though interesting, do nothing but bog the book down. There is far more telling what is happening than showing. The story as a result moves slowly, I could skim sections of prose for key words or actions for large portions and not lose the story line. The first real action doesn’t really show until the page 120 mark. The characters, you do feel for. I took pity in the fates some of them met or made for themselves, but I had a hard time investing in them fully. Even the big events, the threat of destruction of life as we know it is paced out in less than gripping narrative.

I wanted to be on the edge of my seat! I wanted space drama with life or death choices that made me bite my nails as I read. Zero Limit was not that for me. There are some gems within this story. I found myself thinking about some of the ideas and concepts raised by Zero Limit. I questioned by my thoughts on life on the moon and what that can mean to interplanetary relations and citizenship. If nothing else this book evoked thought and discussion amongst my family. If for that reason and no other I am glad I read the book. It all comes down to what you want in a novel. If large info dumps and a literary paced story are your thing give Zero Limit a read. If fast paced on the edge of your seat is more to your liking, this may not be the book for you.


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