VOICES OF: Peggy Ashcroft, John Mills, James Russell, David Dundas, Matt Irving

1986, 84 Minutes, Directed by: Jimmy T. Murakami

Well-animated film version of the Raymond Briggs graphic novel dealing with nuclear war falls flat on its face because of its two dim-witted protagonists. The old geezer voiced by John Mills actually recall the Blitz with nostalgic fondness in one scene! Jolly fun, hey? Getting the crap bombed out of you by the Krauts!

It's difficult to emphasize with two such moronic characters and they grow more annoying as the film progresses to the extent that you wish that they'd die of nuclear fall-out and get it over with. Instead the process seems to drag on forever as one writhes in one's seat hoping for a good pair of erasers to wipe those two numb-skulls out!

Movie gets two stars: one for the animation (which is okay) and the excellent music (by Roger Waters, ex-lead singer of Pink Floyd as if you didn't know that). Would have gotten a third one for illustrating the inherent stupidity behind civil defense if the main characters weren't so bloody stupid!



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