Edited by: Doug Darr
Published by: Wildside Press
Pages: 148
Reviewed by: Naomi Downing

The Weirdbook Annual returns featuring a Cthulhu theme. This book is full of great fantasy and horror tales. I have really enjoyed the Weirdbook’s that I have read and was excited to get the chance to read this one, I love seeing other authors honoring other authors who have been an influence on them. Now it’s time to dive in and give my review.

THE SHINING TRAPEZOHEDRON is the first story in this collection and is the first appearance of Robert M. Price. It’s a very interesting and vivid story and it left me wanting more, I think this story could turn into a great novella.

A NOBLE ENDEAVOR is a very good read. I really liked how the author mixed in history with the storyline, this is one of my favorites in the collection.

ANCIENT ASTRONAUTS is another of my favorites. I loved how it showed a sacrifice ritual and explained what it was actually for, and the storyline that went along with the ritual was great.

THE THING IN THE POND is definitely a story I would have liked to see more of. I liked how it was a first-hand account of what had happened and also that it was something in a notebook for someone to find. I’d love to see more stories about the pond.

TRICKS NO TREATS is a creepy little story. If the things the author described where coming after me I’d probably freeze on the spot. This story got my pulse pounding.

YELLOW LABELED VHS TAPE is a very strange story. I really wish there was more to it because i have a lot of questions that were not answered. It was a little confusing so I read it twice but I was still left a little confused and with more questions.

THE HUTCHISON BOY is a story about a young boy and his friend, but his friend isn’t what he seems. This was a vividly told story with a sad ending that fits this collection perfectly.

This is another great collection of stories and poems from Weirdbook, and there are some wonderful little illustrations throughout the pages. I love the Cthulhu mythos theme! Each story is unique and makes me want to dig out my Lovecraft books and get lost, it’s been awhile since I’ve read Lovecraft so i was a little unfamiliar with some of the mythos. But even if you have never read anything about the Cthulhu mythos you will be pulled into this anthology.

Below is a complete list of all the contents and authors
The Shining Trapezohedron, by Robert M. Price
• A Noble Endeavor, by Lucy A. Snyder
• Ancient Astronauts, by Cynthia Ward
• The Thing in the Pond, by John R. Fultz
• Enter The Cobweb Queen, by Adrian Cole
• Tricks No Treats, by Paul Dale Anderson
• Ronnie and the River, by Christian Riley
• Cellar Dweller, by Franklyn Searight
• Yellow Labeled VHS Tape, by R.C. Mulhare
• Tuama, by L.F. Falconer
• Mercy Holds No Measure, by Kenneth Bykerk
• Treacherous Memory, by Glynn Owen Barrass
• The Hutchison Boy, by Darrell Schweitzer
• Dolmen of The Moon, by Deuce Richardson
• Lovecraftian Limerick, by Andrew J. Wilson
• A Wizard’s Daughter, by Ann K. Schwader
• The Shadow of Azathoth is your Galaxy, by DB Spitzer
• Ascend , by Mark A. Mihalko
• The Solace of the Farther Moon, by Allan Rozinski
• The Stars Are Always Right, by Charles Lovecraft
• Daemonic Nathicana, by K.A. Opperman
• Asenath, by Ashley Dioses
• The Book of Eibon/Le Livre D’eibon, trans. by Frederick J. Mayer


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