Published by: Wildside Press
Pages: 303

Reviewed by: Naomi Downing

Weirdbook is an anthology of short stories and poems. All the stories and poems in this collection are fantasy and horror. Even though i wish I could review each story and poem, it would make a very long review so I randomly picked out some of them.

Horror around the Bend is an excellent story. It has a very creepy and claustrophobic feel throughout the whole story. I’ve never liked outhouses and this story just makes me hate them more.
A Tiny Cut is a quick and horrifying read with a touch of humor at the end. Reminds you to be careful when you’re outside.

The Cursed is a poem that packs a punch. I’ve never read horror poetry before but this one is making me want to find more.

Misdiagnosed wasn’t what I expected at all but it was a great read. Probably one of my favorites in the whole book.
Monika Unraveling wasn’t my cup of tea. Sometimes I feel that vampires, and other creatures like zombies, are way to overused.

Eyes Without a Face starts out where you think you know what’s going on, then throws a huge twist at the end. This is another of my favorites in the book.

Clartly Chowder is definitely a story that leaves you going “what the hell?” It’s a very interesting story and I’d love to read it as a full length novel.

The Ferryman’s Journal is a unique story. It chronicles the job of the ferryman who takes your soul to where it belongs in the afterlife. I’ve never read something like this and would love to read more.

Bad Night is a short but powerful poem. Having dealt with depression it really resonated with me.

Sylvan Simulacrum is a story about a little girl finding a strange doll. The doll has some sort of powers, which you find out at the end. I really wish this story was a little longer so you could find out more about the doll.
There are many more stories within this book.

This collection had some very good stories and poems, but it also had some that weren’t so good. Overall it is a great collection with some authors I now want to look up to see if they have other writing out there. I really liked the variety of different themes and writing styles. I would definitely recommend it if you are a fantasy or horror lover.


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