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    Robert Schreib

    ??? An overlooked storyline twist in virtually ALL science fiction or fantasy movies about time travel, is that, what if the TIME STREAM ITSELF, is somehow alive and sentient? And, what if it did not LIKE people using advanced technology or magic to keep warping its paths? Like, in the popular ‘Dr. Who’ TV series, they keep rewriting or re-directing countless prime events of history, with NO apparent detrimental effects on the world or reality. The time stream might be like an existential rubber band, one that can be stretched somewhat on rare occasions, to point it into a different direction, but these SF storylines TIE IT INTO KNOTS, strangle it to death, so it makes the end of the space-time contintium or reality! I suspect that if someone did repeatedly, it would be the equivalent of poking a needle in a sleeping dragon, one that if fully awakened, and realizing what was being done to it, would react with massive prejudice and manifest itself as something to completely destroy the guy poking it!


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