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The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)

Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield, Rhys Ifans, Martin Sheen, Denis Leary

Director: Marc Webb

U.S. Opening Date: 3 July 2012


Peter Parker is going back to high school when the next Spider-Man hits theaters in the summer of 2012.

Columbia Pictures and Marvel Studios announced they are moving forward with a film based on a script by James Vanderbilt that focuses on a teenager grappling with both contemporary human problems and amazing super-human crises.

According to Risky Business Blog the new movie will be based the Ultimate Spider-Man comics by Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley instead of the original 1960s Stan Lee comics.

The new chapter in the Spider-Man franchise produced by Columbia, Marvel Studios and Avi Arad and Laura Ziskin, will have a new cast and filmmaking team. Spider-Man 4 was to have been released in 2011, but had not yet gone into production.

“Now everything begins anew,” said Matt Tolmach, president of Columbia Pictures, who has served as the studio’s chief production executive since the beginning of the franchise.

(500) Days of Summer director Marc Webb will direct the Spider-man reboot.


Audiences apparently like seeing the same movie more than once which is why we are being treated to yet another "origin" tale.







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