Short Circuit (2010)

Director: Steve Carr
U.S. Opening Date: TBA 2010

As someone in a forum recently remarked: it would appear that Hollywood is planning which movies to make by going through their DVDs collection!

Yet another pointless remake of a fondly remembered 1980s movie, Short Circuit is actually going to be produced by David Foster who produced the original movie back in 1986. Who says lightening doesn’t strike in the same place twice?

Speaking of lightning, the plot of the original film involved a top secret killing robot designed for the U.S. military becoming sentient when it is accidentally struck by lightning. With sentience comes pacifism it seems, because Number 5 (the robot’s name – hence the catchy tag line: “Number 5 is alive!”) then decides to quit the military and join the Peace Movement instead.

However things aren’t that simple when you’re considered to be U.S. government property and Number 5 shacks up with Ally Sheedy (who wouldn’t?) while the U.S. military is in hot pursuit.

Very much a family film, it thus comes as bit of a surprise that Dan Milano has been appointed to screenwriting duties. You see Milano does some writing and voice work for Robot Chicken, the Adult Swim cartoon show. Does that mean that it’s going to be a potty-mouthed comedy remake like Will Ferrell’s Land of the Lost remake?

Who knows? Let’s hope not. The main inspiration for the remake besides greed would seem to be the box-office success of WALL-E. Sharp-eyed movie-goers would have spotted the similarities in design between Pixar’s creation and Number 5 last year. Forster actually told variety that "we think of WALL-E as an extended trailer for our film because it's the same face!"

Oh, advances in special effects also seemed to be a factor. "We're bringing Number 5 into the 21st Century and taking advantage of the improvements in robotics that are so massive that robots are now performing heart surgeries in hospitals," Forster said while adding that the original design would stay relatively unchanged.


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