We speak to über-producer Jerry Bruckheimer about why Prince of Persia won’t be in 3D, whether Zach Efron will be in Pirates 4 and what it was like filming what is probably the only ostrich chase scene in movie history!

Are you worried now, that Prince of Persia is not in 3-D like Avatar?

Jerry Bruckheimer: I think everything Jim Cameron does raises the bar. So you always have to look at the competition and see how well they do it and try to get up to that level. Sure, the problem is now that there just aren't enough 3-D screens. You'll certainly see a lot more 3-D movies; the problem is getting the screens and holding the screens. That's going to be the hard part until they expand and make more theaters.

Why did you choose not to do 3-D?

Jerry Bruckheimer: I think it's a good story and I think it will do very well. At the time it was just too costly to do it.

What kind of challenges did actor Jake Gyllenhaal encounter in this movie?

Jerry Bruckheimer: I think it's always the biggest challenge to get a good screenplay besides the physical challenges of shooting in Morocco where it's 120° during the summer! So that wasn't a lot of fun and you can sympathize with our actors, with those heavy costumes on with ropes and everything that they had to while it was really hot. I mean really warm, that was a big undertaking for them and for the crew. I don't know how many bottles of water we went through every day just to try to keep everybody hydrated, but it was really warm.

What made you guys go with the British accent for everyone in the movie?

Jerry Bruckheimer: I always find it funny when you hear an American actor speaking in a period film with an American accent saying things like “that's cool”. It just doesn't work. So we thought a British accent was the way to go. It's more international and a nice flavor to it. And that's what we do with pirate movies. If you notice all of the actors have British accents. I think it's more believable than an American.

What are some of the cooler sort of fantasy aspects of the film that science fiction and fantasy fans will enjoy?

Jerry Bruckheimer: I think the dagger that reverses time seen in the trailer.

Did you sign Jake for three movies?

Jerry Bruckheimer: I wish! No, we signed him for one I think. We might have a sequel. And hopefully they made a sequel deal.

Can you tell us more about the ostrich scene and did you get to ride and ostrich while you were there?

Jerry Bruckheimer: I haven't had the pleasure to ride an ostrich, but it was originally in the script and [director] Mike [Newell] said, "How am I going to film this? Let's change it to donkeys or something else." However one of the executive producers, who works with me said no, it had to be an ostrich. It was going to be funny and he was right, and Mike relented and said, alright let's figure this out. And we did. It was difficult because they are not very smart animals at all and they are not very pleasant to be around, but somehow we got it done.

But it was really done, it was not a fake?

Jerry Bruckheimer: No, no, that was the real thing! There were no visual effects in that whatsoever! That was the real deal: that was really an ostrich race with those guys riding them. It took quite a while to coordinate it, but we got it done.

While you are here, can I ask you one question about Pirates 4? Will it happen?

Jerry Bruckheimer: We have a director and it's moving forward. We don't have the finished script yet, but we are close. But we are in production now we have a production designer, and we are doing drawings. We have Johnny, we've got him signed. But that's it so far.

What about Zach Efron?

Jerry Bruckheimer: I don't know anything about that. I think that's all the press. We have nothing to do with that.

- Staci Layne Wilson




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