In Hollywood Kenneth Johnson is often tagged as “the sci-fi guy,” a description he dislikes . . .

But who can blame them? After all, Johnson is the creator of such iconic series as the original Bionic Woman, The Incredible Hulk and V. Johnson also created the Emmy award-winning Alien Nation series, and the subsequent TV movies. This April, 20th Century Fox will release for the first time Alien Nation: The Ultimate Collection, a DVD set which includes all five TV movies.

“When they asked me to do Alien Nation, I hesitated at first,” says Johnson, who also wrote the new book V: The Second Generation (Tor Books, Feb. 2008). “But I told them I would only do it if, instead of Lethal Weapon with aliens, I could create a series that was more like In the Heat of the Night with aliens.”

Listen to our exclusive podcast interview below:


Podcast Interview | Kenneth Johnson

Q: You weren’t involved with the 1988 big screen Alien Nation movie in any way. What made you become involved with a TV show adaptation? What was it in the material that originally attracted you?

Excerpt: “. . . the movie was like Miami Vice, but with Coneheads. . .”

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Q: How do you feel about the fact that these made-for-TV Alien Nation movies took so long to be finally released on DVD?

Excerpt: “. . . it took Universal more than 30 years to bring out The Incredible Hulk!”

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Q: Would you like to do another Alien Nation movie? Speaking of politics, we always thought that V was political beyond its obvious Nazi / French Resistance parallels. Would you agree?

Excerpt: “I’d love to do another Alien Nation movie . . .”

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Q: Does the new V - The Second Generation book mean that we won’t be seeing any new V movies or TV shows?

Excerpt: “There is considerable enthusiasm for a V movie . . .”

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Q: Were you involved with the new Bionic Woman TV series in any way?
What are your thoughts on the big screen The Incredible Hulk movie being planned right now?

Excerpt: “I’m glad I wasn’t involved in the new Bionic Woman series…”

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Q: What did you think of the previous big screen Hulk movie directed by Ang Lee?

Excerpt: “It was really a terrible film!”

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Q: You have been closely involved with many science fiction shows throughout the years. Would you consider yourself a sci-fi fan or is it something that just happened that way?

Excerpt: “I never set out to have a career in science fiction…”

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