If you don’t feel like braving long cinema queues to check out the latest blockbusters this summer, then there is always some cool stuff you check out on TV instead . . .

First we have Life After People, a History Channel documentary about what would happen if humanity were to simply disappear from the face of the Earth tomorrow.

It is well worth checking out. If you’re skeptical about humanity’s various accomplishments in the fields of architecture and culture or just human civilization in general, then you’re certain to derive some gleeful enjoyment from Life After People. It is all wonderfully morbid and entertaining, chronicling what would happen to all the buildings and technological marvels we will leave behind if Homo Sapiens ever become extinct overnight. If you ever watched a movie like I Am Legend and wondered whether our cities will really decay so badly in such a short period of time then Life After People is also worth seeking out. (Answer: they probably will.)

The CGI special effect shots of buildings and monuments such as the Statue of Liberty collapsing under their own weight like they would in a low-budget Roland Emmerich extravaganza are sure to thrill any sci-fi junkie with a predilection for post-apocalypse scenarios. The cheesy, over-dramatic voice-over narration so typical of most American TV documentaries just adds to the fun. Check it out if you can.

Less entertaining but still a worth-while timewaster if nothing else is on is Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire, a new show on the Comedy Channel. Krod Mandoon pokes fun at cheesy, over-serious Sword & Sorcery. Krod is a well-meaning but not particularly bright muscled warrior type who tries to free his mythical land from the yoke of an oppressive tyrant. Most of the jokes aren’t of the sort that only geeks will catch and it has a more mainstream appeal, which means that it will never attain cult status of any sort. Still, it is intermittently entertaining. The jokes are of an adult nature and will simply fly over the heads of small children, it is probably better that they aren’t allowed to watch it all though.



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