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Proposed story ideas included the discovery of a deadly prehistoric disease that the revival of the dinosaurs caused and which threatens to wipe out the entire human race.

One of the ideas featured a group of soldiers that were genetically crossed humans and dinosaurs. This was proposed by John Sayles.


This project has been cancelled after spending an eternity in development hell.

In December 2008, producers Frank Marshall and Kathleen Kennedy were asked if there was any development on the sequel. Marshall responded, "No... I don't know. You know, when Michael Crichton passed away, I sorta felt maybe that's it. Maybe that's a sign that we don't mess with it."

Wikipedia tells the full story:

In June 2002, director Steven Spielberg told Starlog magazine that he planned to produce Jurassic Park IV, and director Joe Johnston, who helmed Jurassic Park III, would direct it. In November 2002, screenwriter William Monahan was hired to write, with the film's release slated for summer 2005. In July 2003, Monahan completed the first draft, with the story no longer set in the jungle. Actor Sam Neill said he was returning as Dr. Alan Grant, with filming expected to begin in 2004 in California and Hawaii.

In September 2004, screenwriter John Sayles was re-writing the script, with the film re-slated for a winter 2005 release. His second draft focused on the new character Nick Harris, who returns to Isla Nublar, the location of the first film, and retrieves Dennis Nedry's can of DNA. He is captured by the Grendel Corporation, which now owns InGen, and he is hired to train five genetically modified Deinonychus as mercenaries.

In October 2004, palaeontologist Jack Horner said he would return as technical adviser for the fourth film as he had done for previous Jurassic Park films. By April 2005, special effects artist Stan Winston explained that the delay in production was due to repeated revisions of the film's script, none of which satisfied Spielberg. According to Winston, "He felt neither of [the drafts] balanced the science and adventure elements effectively. It's a tough compromise to reach, as too much science will make the movie too talky, but too much adventure will make it seem hollow."

In February 2006, producer Frank Marshall said filming would begin in 2007 for a 2008 release. In March 2007, Sam Neill said he was not asked to reprise his role as Dr. Alan Grant, while Laura Dern was asked to return for the new film, which Universal still wanted to release by 2008. Director Joe Johnston was also reported not to be directing the film. Richard Attenborough has been contacted about reprising the role of John Hammond. The film was delayed to 2009, because of the 2007 Writers Guild of America strike.

The question is do we really need another Jurassic Park movie? That is, unless they film the old British comic book 2000AD’s story Flesh, which is about cowboys who travel back in time to kill dinosaurs for food to feed an overpopulated planet Earth.

Now, we’ll pay good money to see that cowboys slugging it out with man-eating dinosaurs!



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