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Franklyn (2009)

Ryan Phillippe, Eva Green, Sam Riley, Bernard Hill, Richard Coyle, Art Malik, Kika Markham, Susannah York
Director: Gerald McMorrow

U.S. Opening Date: TBA 2009



The story of four people in a futuristic London society where there is no separation between Church and State.

Esser (Hill) is a broken man, searching for his wayward son amongst the rough streets of London's homeless. Milo (Riley) is a heartbroken thirty-something desperately trying to find a way back to the purity of first love. Emilia (Green) is a beautiful art student, her suicidal art projects becoming increasingly more complex and deadly. Preest (Phillippe) is a masked vigilante detective, searching for his nemesis on the streets of Meanwhile City; a monolithic fantasy metropolis ruthlessly governed by faith and religious fervor. Esser, Milo, Emilia, Preest - a group of people who couldn’t be further apart. Their individual worlds are set for a cataclysmic collision. In an explosive finale, the path of a single bullet will decide the fate of our four lost souls...


Intriguing-sounding cerebral science-fiction drama. Will it be the next Children of Men?







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