The Day of the Triffids (2012)

Directed by: TBA

U.S. Opening Date: 2012

A company representing Spider-man / Evil Dead director Sam Raimi has recently acquired the movie rights to this 1951 post-apocalyptic novel by British science fiction author John Wyndham.

In the book the Earth is overrun by a breed of human-flesh eating plants known as “triffids” after a meteor shower has left most of humanity permanently blind. A handful of survivors however manage to elude the creatures and survive in the process.

(In his book about the history of sci-fi, Billion Year Spree, writer Brian Aldiss supplies Day of the Triffids as an example of what he termed the “cosy catastrophe” SF subgenre in which a handful of survivors somehow manage to eke out a relatively comfortable existence even though the rest of humanity is wiped out. Who needs telephone hygienists after all, eh? )

Wyndham’s book has been filmed thrice already: as a horribly bad 1963 American B-movie and two British TV productions, one in the early 1980s and another as recent as 2009. This particular brand of post-apocalyptic subgenre is of course nothing new and plot strands from Day of the Triffids have made its way into the likes of 28 Days Later amongst others throughout the years.

How seriously audiences will take the notion of killer plants is another matter altogether. For many audiences it is a subject ripe for parody as the musical version of Little Shop of Horrors has illustrated. The recent The Ruins, which featured killer vines, for instance didn’t go down particularly well with audiences.

However, if anyone can make an invasion by killer plants work it’d have to be Sam Raimi who is currently fishing round for a new project now that his Spider-man 4 project fell through and is being re-booted as they in Hollywood-ese without him or any of the original films’ stars. After all, his debut movie Evil Dead famously featured a woman raped by a tree . . . No, seriously.

It is unclear at this stage whether Raimi will direct the project himself or just produce it.


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