STARRING: Sigourney Weaver, John Hurt, Harry Dean Stanton, Tom Skerrit, Veronica Cartwright, Ian Holm, Tom Skerrit

1979, 124 Minutes, Directed by: Ridley Scott

Description: A landmark of science fiction and horror, Alien arrived in 1979 between Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back as a stylishly malevolent alternative to George Lucas's space fantasy. Partially inspired by 1958's It! The Terror from Beyond Space, this instant classic set a tone of its own, offering richly detailed sets, ominous atmosphere, relentless suspense, and a flawless ensemble cast as the crew of the space freighter Nostromo fall prey to a vicious creature (designed by Swiss artist H.R. Giger) that had gestated inside one of the ill-fated crew members.

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