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Timothy Janson

Tim Janson is a writer and columnist who has written for a variety of print magazines and websites including Fangoria, Mania Entertainment, Newsarama, City Slab, Collider, Cinefantastique, The Horror Review, and Hellnotes. He lives in the Detroit area.

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    “It sticks faithfully to the source material”? I’m not sure how long it’s been since you’ve read Elfstones, but this only vaguely resembles the source material. What it does do is, as Terry Brooks said, “it captures the heart of the story very well”. That’s not a bad thing. All the elements of the story are present. They’re just not in the same order or exactly the same as some might be expecting. I’m liking the series so far. I do agree with your mixed bag assessment though. But I’ll be back Tuesday night (or whenever my schedule allows. Thank you DVR.).


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