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Timothy Janson

Tim Janson is a writer and columnist who has written for a variety of print magazines and websites including Fangoria, Mania Entertainment, Newsarama, City Slab, Collider, Cinefantastique, The Horror Review, and Hellnotes. He lives in the Detroit area.

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    That was good Tim and thorough. I did not know that Herb Trimpe had co-created Wolverine with Len Wein. That is a landmark achievement. I have seen Trimpe’s artwork before and made the mistake of thinking it to be okay, but never realized him to be so historical to Marvel. Maybe I should reconsider guys like him and GIl Kane.

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    John Curtis

    Trimpe and guys like him got lost in the mix when comic artists became more important than the characters and stories. I probably read every Hulk he drew. Guys like him were the backbone of comics.

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      Kirk G

      John, You are right. For years, Trimpe’s depiction of the Hulk was THE look for the character. And there are times when I think of the Hulk, I think of him. It was a shame he was pushed out, but there was no questioning his skill and popularity in the 1970s. I was fortunate enough to meet him once at the Mid-Ohio-Con and heard his comments about 9/11. It was obvious that he felt it deeply. We have lost a deeply spiritual man.

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