Written by: John Everson
Published by: Flame Tree Press
Pages: 240
Reviewed by: Naomi Downing

Austin secretly wishes his wife would drop dead. He even says so one boozy midnight at the bar to a sultry stranger with a mysterious tattoo. When his wife later introduces that stranger as Regina, their new neighbor, Austin hopes she will be a good influence on his wife. Instead, one night he comes home to find his wife dead. Soon he’s entranced with Regina, who introduces him to a strange world of bloodletting, rituals and magic. A world that puts everything he loves in peril. Can Austin save his daughter, and himself, before the planets align for the Devil’s Equinox? This book does contain explicit sexual and violent content and may not be suitable for those readers who are easily offended or squeamish!

This book is fast paced and hooked me from the first page right up to the unexpected ending. The characters are relatable and the settings are vivid, and there was a dark and creepy mood throughout the book. This author’s descriptions are very detailed, but not long winded. I loved the storyline…man loses his wife and falls for the neighbor who’s helping him, but Regina has plans that Austin would never imagine. Austin is a great character, although he is very shallow, he has good intentions and a profound love for his daughter but he makes some terrible decisions.

The club, Equinox, that Regina takes him to is definitely an extreme place to go! It may start out as a dance club but the further in you go the more secrets are reveled. From BDSM to a room where you can eat whatever you want and however much you want, strange alcoholic beverages, and a dark church. I thought the author was trying for a seven deadly sins theme with the club but it didn’t seem to continue that way. This is definitely a disturbing place to want to hang out.

I really liked this book, it had the right mixture of dark magic and suspense. The diversity of things that went on at the club were mind boggling. This author weaves together a lot of great elements into a pulse pounding story. The only problem I had with this book is that i wanted more, I want to read more about Equinox… hopefully the author has more planned at the club. I highly recommend The Devil’s Equinox to any horror reader or dark thriller lovers out there!


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