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Timothy Janson

Timothy Janson

Tim Janson is a writer and columnist who has written for a variety of print magazines and websites including Fangoria, Mania Entertainment, Newsarama, City Slab, Collider, Cinefantastique, The Horror Review, and Hellnotes. He lives in the Detroit area.

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    That’s just lovely. ~sniff~ And thank you for following your dreams and then telling us all about it.I too feel like my life is made up of ripples in a pond…if Crappy Thing A hadn’t happened, I wod7#n&u821l;t have been led to Wonderful Place B, which made Awful Person C a part of my life, who led me to Amazing Episode D, etc. I know the sum-total of my life is bliss, even if some of those days or places weren’t the best.


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