STARRING: Noel Clarke, Colin O'Donoghue, Antonia Campbell-Hughes

2012, 87 Minutes, Directed by:
Johannes Roberts

When it comes to fare such as Storage 24 – low-budget Alien rip-offs of the sort you get to see on Syfy – then you must take what you can get.

An airplane crashes in London and its top-secret cargo – a vicious captured alien – is set loose to hunt down a group of disparate characters in a large storage facility.

No big surprises here plot- or otherwise, but the movie at least tries to make some attempt at characterization. Charlie (Doctor Who star Noel Clarke) has just broken up with his girlfriend (Antonia Campbell-Hughes) who is having an affair with his best friend. All very soap opera but at least the screenwriters tried to inject some kind of drama into the proceedings. Acting is variable and production values (music, sets, etc.) are fair.

The visual effects including that of the alien monster is okay, but the movie is tension-free and not particularly scary either.

Storage 24 is B-movie fodder ideal for low-expectation late evening TV viewing when you can’t find anything else on the other channels, but not much else.

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