Star wars Battlefront

We don’t how long this will stay up, but appears that the Star Wars Battlefront II trailer has leaked. It looks 100% legitimate. The trailer was first shared via StarWarsUnderworld, a Star wars fan site. The trailer has also appeared YouTube, in multiple locations. Here is what we know so far about the game, based on the trailer.

‘The Untold Soldier’s Story’ (story mode?)

‘Fight Multiplayer Battles’ (LAN/ same-system multiplayer?)

‘Across All Eras’ (Original Trilogy, Prequel Trilogy [Darth Maul vs. Yoda in the trailer], and Sequel Trilogy?)

As you know Star Wars Celebration Orlando happens this weekend. There will undoubtedly be an official announcement and release of the trailer.

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By Robert Trate

In my career as a writer, I have made Doctor Who giggle, asked Ahsoka Tano what underwear she was wearing, and spoke with a Raptor from Jurassic Park.

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