VOICES OF: Zack Shada, Patrick Wharburon, Tom Kinney, Laura Bailey, voices of Cheryl Hines, Stanley Tucci

2010, 76 Minutes, Directed by:
John H. Williams

The 2008 animated flick Space Chimps was the sort of movie that should have gone straight to DVD instead of getting a theatrical release like it did.

This 2010 sequel is the sort of movie that should never have been made in the first place . . .

Boasting the sort of sub par computer-generated animation one would expect of Saturday morning kiddies television but not to see on the big screen, Space Chimps 2 can be safely categorized under “unnecessary sequel.” (Who even knew the original movie made enough money to warrant a follow-up?)

The storyline is paper thin. Dull, pointless scenes ramble on with no purpose except to pad the running time to “feature film length.” However even at a paltry 76 minutes the movie is overlong and tortuous.

The plot involves Comet (Zack Shada), the techno-chimp from the previous movie who longs to be taken seriously as a fully-fledged space chimp. Comet lives out his ultimate fantasy when he accidentally journeys to planet Malgor where he bonds with a cutesy alien named Kilowatt. However back on earth the villain from the first movie, an alien named Zartog, takes over Mission Control. Now Comet has to prove himself and join his fellow space chimps Ham, Luna and Titan, to again save the day.

Space Chimps 2 is obviously aimed at very small children, but my seven-year-old fidgeted endlessly, and that is while she wasn’t complaining about the ill-fitting 3D glasses.

Parents are willing to endure a lot for their children, but sitting through this movie is plain sadistic!



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