What would the universe be without moms? It simply wouldn’t exist. there would be none of the heart, love, compassion, bravery, and fierce devotion to their offspring that moms bring to the table, not to mention the irreplaceable ability to reproduce. Gathered here are some of the best examples of the moms we love and adore from our favorite science fiction films and television series. There’s never any way we can repay what we owe you mom, giving you your own special day hardly seems adequate. All we can do is always carry you in our hearts, and say thanks for all you do, and all the love you give.

 Dr. Maureen Robinson. (Lost In Space) In a decade of TV moms who demonstrated their domestic skills and deferred all major decisions to their husbands, she was a breath of fresh air. Unlike the moms that acted primarily as housekeepers, Maureen Robinson was a distinguished biochemist as well as a wife and mother. She helped the family get through their various problems with wisdom and grace, providing balance to a situation that might be otherwise dominated by testosterone alone.

Amanda. The mother of Spock. (Star Trek: Original Series and Movies) The life of Spock’s mother as a member of Vulcan society was decidedly constrained An Earth woman, living on a planet where love, emotion is bad taste.” Amanda was married to Sarek, an Ambassador who was a true patriarchal figure.It is well known in the mythology of Star Trek no one had a greater influence on Spock than she. While she respected both her husband and the customs and values of her adopted planet, she was able to show her son how much she loved him and how proud she was of him. Amanda Grayson was a pioneer. Before her marriage, she was a teacher and translator of languages with a special interest in Vulcan. She worked on the development of the original Universal Translator. The actress that played Amanda in the original series and the original series movies was none other than Jane Wyatt, who in earlier years played the quintessential American 1950’s style housewife and mother Margaret Anderson on Father Knows Best.

Dr. Beverly Crusher (Star Trek: The Next Generation) Beverly was the chief medical officer of the Enterprise-D, mother of Wesley Crusher, widow of Lt. Jack Crusher and confidant of Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Her deep-seated ethics and loyalty made her a great mother as well a great officer. She has had a number of romances since the death of her husband but in the end, it was her the devotion to her son and the crew of the Enterprise that were her most long lasting relationships.

Lwaxana Troi (Star Trek: The Next Generation) She carries the title of Daughter of the Fifth House, Holder of the Sacred Chalice of Rixx, Heir to the Holy Rings of Betazed. She is the mother to Deanna Troi, ship’s counselor of USS Enterprise-D. Lwaxana is lusty and forward and in general often very embarrassing to her much more conservative half Human, half Betazoid daughter. She came to symbolize a part of the female nature that women normally mostly keep hidden.

Sarah Connor (Terminator) Talk about your working mothers. While waiting tables and going to college she is pursued by a cyborg seeking to kill her and thereby eliminate her future child, John Connor. How would you feel about knowing your son, who has not even been conceived is the going to be the savior of the human race? Cool, huh? Maybe not so much if you must spend the rest of your life running and fighting super strong intelligent machines as they try to destroy you and your offspring. What transformed her from a fearful victim to a fearsome warrior? I say it was her motherly instinct.

Ellen Ripley (Alien Franchise) Although a mom Ripley outlives her daughter that doesn’t prevent her motherly instincts from going into full gear in Aliens when she is put in the position of being the guardian and protector of Newt. Her passion and fierce devotion to the child’s welfare transforms her into an elemental force of nature and an irresistible power to be reckoned with.

These are just a few of the examples of the power of motherly love in science fiction and the impact mothers have on us all. That’s it for now and Happy Mother’s Day

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By Craig Suide

A genuine (OCD) enthusiast of Sci-FI and fantasy. Addicted to stories. a life-long fan of movies, TV, and pop culture in general. Purchased first comic book at age five, and never stopped. Began reading a lot early on, and discovered ancient mythology, and began reading science fiction around the same time. Made first attempts at writing genre fiction around age 12 Freelance writer for Sci-Fi Nerd (Facebook), retired professional gourmet chef. ex-musician, and illustrator

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