STARRING: Mel Gibson, Bruce Spence, Vernon Wells, Mike Preston, Virginia Hey, Emil Minty, Kjell Nilsson

1981, 94 Minutes, Directed by: George Miller

roadwar.jpg (13380 bytes)Description: In the 1979 original, Max (Mel Gibson) is a policeman, the last guardian of civilization and order in a devastated world reduced to chaos. But when a leather-clad gang of sadomasochistic speed demons mows down Max's family, his remaining connections to humanity are also permanently severed. After brutally exacting his revenge, Max wanders off into the wasteland alone, "a burned out shell of a man" who (to paraphrase The Searchers) is destined to wander forever between the winds. In The Road Warrior, Max rediscovers a sliver of his shattered humanity, and a spark of redemption, when he helps an embattled colony of pioneers fight off the savages who are after that most precious of all commodities: "guzzline."

This is a rarity: a sequel that is actually better than its predecessor, in this case Mad Max. With a much bigger budget, more spectacular stunts than the first movie, this is undoubtedly the best movie in the series.

In it, a dog food eating Mel Gibson helps a settlement against a gang of marauding bikers - all in his own self-interest, of course. The final chase, with a huge oil truck pursued by fellow post-apocalyptarians on all kinds of outlandish vehicles, is thrilling and exciting to watch. It definitely ranks as one of the most exciting car chases of all movie history along with classics such as The French Connection.

Kevin Costner (not to mention countless others) tried to do something similar (albeit on water) in Waterworld a decade or so later, but simply couldn't match it because you can't touch what is by now definitely a cult classic. If you haven't seen The Road Warrior yet jump on your bike right now and head for your nearest video shop to rent it!


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