STARRING: Sean Connery, Peter Boyle, Frances Sternhagen, Kika Markham

1981, 109 Minutes, Directed by: Peter Hyams

outland.jpg (9522 bytes)Description: Sean Connery is O'Neil, the marshal for a settlement on one of Jupiter's moons. While investigating the deaths of some miners, O'Neil discovers that mine boss Peter Boyle has been giving his workers an amphetamine-like work-enhancing drug that keeps them productive for months--until they finally snap and go berserk. When Boyle sends killer henchmen to neutralize the lawman, O'Neil is unable to get the miners to back him up.

High Noon set in Outer Space as a bunch of hired goons chase Sean Connery through the deserted corridors of a mining station.

The plot is really High Noon in Outer Space! Connery does a Gary Cooper as a lawman who makes a stand against corruption and then finds that nobody wants to help him fight the hired killers sent to kill him. Much of the movie is spent awaiting the arrival of the shuttle bearing the hired assassins.

Directed by Peter (Capricorn One, TimeCop) Hyams, this not-so-fast paced actioner is worthwhile watching if only for the Alien inspired sets and costumes. That John Mollo, who did most of the costumes for this movie, designed the space suits for the first Alien movie shouldn't come as a surprise.


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