Altus Press has two new Deluxe Editions now available (these are casewrap hardcovers, measuring about 8.5″ x 11″): the much-anticipated complete collection of Ray Cummings’ Scientific Club stories, collecting almost 30 stories, as well as Donald E. Keyhoe’s complete saga of Dr. Yen Sin, accompanied by an all-new introduction by Fu Manchu author William Patrick Maynard.

The Complete Tales of the Scientific Club

One of the most historically significant Twentieth Century science fiction series ever published is at last collected. A pioneer in pulp science fiction, Ray Cummings inspired an entirely-new fiction genre with his influential story originally published in 1919, The Girl in the Golden Atom, which introduced the world to a series of short stories and novels known as his “Matter, Space and Time” range.

This suite of stories featured the Scientific Club: a group of New York-based socialites of revolving membership who either recounted these tales of fantastic science—or were directly involved in these tales which originally appeared in the top magazines of the 1920s: All Story Weekly, Argosy, Detective Story Magazine, Flynn’s, and Science and Invention, among others.

This collection assembles all of the Scientific Club stories, sourced directly from their original magazine appearances… most of which have never before been reprinted. In addition, this deluxe edition includes all of Cummings’ Scientific Club stories which appeared exclusively in the United Kingdom. It also gathers the later Scientific Club stories from a brief revival in the mid-1930s.

No stone has been left unturned for this edition: two hitherto-unknown Scientific Club stories were discovered, and these have been included, along with 26 other stories. And among the many bonus features is a rare, alternate, early version of one of the Scientific Club stories.

Rounded out by vintage illustrations by Virgil Finlay, Frank R. Paul, Norman Saunders, Amos Sewell, Modest Stein, and Lawrence Sterne Stevens, and with an all-new introduction by Will Murray, The Complete Tales of the Scientific Club is a book one hundred years in the making.

Order it right here: Scientific Club



Dr. Yen Sin: The Complete Series

One of the great villain pulps from the 1930s is finally available in a complete, deluxe edition. Owing certain similarities to Sax Rohmer’s Fu Manchu, the Dr. Yen Sin series of three novels features “The Invisible Emperor” and his machinations to conquer the world using his unique mixture of futuristic science and ancient Asian technology. However, Yen Sin has met his match: “The Man Who Never Slept”—agent Michael Traile—who has the strange capability of not require sleep.

Includes an all-new introduction by current Fu Manchu author William Patrick Maynard, as well as a chronology of the character by Rick Lai.  Order here: Dr. Yen Sin

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