STARRING: Olivier Gruner, Tim Thomerson, Marjorie Monaghan, Merle Kennedy, Brion James, Deborah Shelton, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Nicholas Guest, Jackie Earle Haley

1993, 94 Minutes, Directed by: Albert Pyun

Description: In the industrial wasteland just outside of Los Angeles, circa 2027, there's a covert war raging between the cyborgs and the humans. "86.5% is still human," insists superagent Alex (Olivier Gruner), but as the cyborg conspiracy builds around him he discovers that humanity is more than simply a matter of flesh and blood.

While this extremely derivative el cheapo cyberpunk action movie isn’t as bad as it could have been, it isn’t any good either.

While it tries to fling the lingo around like in a William Gibson novel, it doesn’t even get its basic terminology right (androids are referred to as cyborgs) and in the end it borrows heavily from far superior films (mostly the two Terminator movies). The plot involves a half-human/half-machine cop (Oliver Gruner) who has to stop a conspiracy by androids to eliminate humans and take over the world.

While Nemesis has its moments, in the end it is not worth the price of a rental. That is, unless, like in my case, you get it in a "rent a red dot video and get a yellow dot video for free" type of deal. After viewing Nemesis we watched Total Recall again - now that’s the way to do a sci-fi movie: you start off with an original story . . .


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