STARRING: Jeffrey Tambor, F. Murray Abraham, Rob Schneider VOICES OF: Frank Oz, Dave Goelz, Steve Whitmire

1999, 82 Minutes, Directed by: Tim Hill

Description: The film that answers the immortal question: what species is Gonzo? Kermit the Frog's curly-nosed friend feels alone in the world. When his breakfast cereal starts spelling out questions and he hears voices, Gonzo is convinced he must be from outer space, and his alien brothers are coming to earth. Of course, there are evil scientists (led by Jeffrey Tambor) who kidnap Gonzo to learn his secrets (like "What do you do with a nose like that?").

Today the Muppets may seem sort of quaint to kids weaned to Pony SlayStations, er sorry, Sony PlayStations and all kinds of CGI wizardry in movies such as Phantom Menace and its ilk. To be honest I don't know whether kids find them entertaining anymore.

"Muppets?" I can hear them say. "That's so old fashioned." I don't know. Kids seem so blasé nowadays. When Lisa and Bart tell Homer in The Simpsons that the TV spent more time raising them than he, their father, did you know exactly what they mean. Some overpaid twat in Madison Avenue who drives a BMW, sniffs cocaine and who is no doubt OD'ing on the cold tile floors of his bathroom right now should probably get the blame for turning your kids into the media saturated drones they are.

"How can anyone not like the Muppets?"

So I don't know whether I can recommend that you pop Muppets From Space into the VCR for the little 'uns. They'd probably think you dorky for doing it. Me? I enjoyed the movie even though it isn't exactly the best Muppet movie ever made, but it's fluffy light, harmless and packed with clever one-liners and puns.

Maybe the movie's intended audience isn't kids at all, but people like me who saw the first Muppet movie back in the late 1970s, were hooked and are now nostalgic for their childhoods. I don't know, but to be honest the Muppets always ensured that parents taking their kids to see it won't be bored. I can imagine a lot of the puns going over the heads of young kids.

Best would probably be for you to send the little ones to bed and then watch it on your own. However, whatever you do don't miss the opening credits and sequence: it's excellent!

(How can anyone not like the Muppets? That's like not liking cute kittens or adorable puppies. Psychiatric help is in order then . . .)



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