STARRING: Terence Stamp, Robert Vaughn, Nigel Davenport, Donal Donnelly, Christian Roberts, Vickery Turner

1970, 95 Minutes, Directed by: Alan Cooke

mindof.jpg (11013 bytes)Forget about Robin Williams in Jack! The quintessential child trapped in a man’s body was a certain Mr. Soames, played by Terence Stamp who much later on went on to play one of the supervillians in Superman II and a drag queen in Priscilla – Queen of the Desert – versatile dude!

But this 1970 British sci-fi movie doesn’t play its premise (of a man who was in a coma since his birth 30 years ago being revived by a new surgical procedure) for cheap sentimentality or "comic" possibilities.

It is instead a sober and low-key drama that is rather intelligently handled. The acting is good all-round (however, kudos should go to Stamp though – who carries off his role as Mr. Soames quite well).

Much of the film deals with the conflict between two medical doctors as to how Mr. Soames should be taught the basic skills we take for granted (such as walking, talking, etc.). The one doctor is a stern disciplinarian and the other more relaxed (Dr Spock child-rearing?) – but even here the film refuses to take sides and to degenerate into straightforward melodrama.

The net effect is an understated, yet strangely sympathetic, movie. Rent it as a more mellow and adult antidote to hollow and loud American blockbusters with cardboard characters such as Armageddon


Sci-Fi Movie Page Pick: Understated British drama about a man in a coma since birth and being revived at the age of 30. Don't expect the usually American sentiment and soppiness with which Hollywood would probably have soaked this project in . . .



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