STARRING: Mel Gibson, Tina Turner, Angelo Rossito, Helen Buday, Rod Zuanic, Frank Thring

1985, 106 Minutes, Directed by: George Miller, George Ogilvie

Definitely the worst movie in the Mad Max series. Weakly plotted, largely a re-hash of the previous movie (The Road Warrior), without even the vaguest hint of tension, as a grey-haired Max (Mel Gibson) turns sentimental and helps a group of orphaned kids out of pure altruism.

Lavish budget and a few yucky Tina Turner songs not a good movie make.

Clearly the series has run out of steam and is beginning to look more like the countless imitations it inspired than anything else. Except for an inventive fight sequence in a bizarre arena, there's not much else that vaguely sustains interest as the film is almost as directionless as the nomadic Max himself.



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