VOICES OF: Pat Hingle, Helen Shaver, Gabriel Damon

1988, 69 Minutes, Directed by: Don Bluth

Description: An orphaned young dinosaur, Littlefoot, has to make his way to the paradise of the Great Valley in order to survive a plague. Along the way, he meets up with some other dinos from different species, and they all bond and travel together. On the way, they have plenty of adventures.

Animated feature about dinosaurs in search of mythical land where there would be enough other dinosaurs to eat and so on. Bluth previously worked for Disney and it shows in the animation. However, it isn't exactly much better than most Saturday morning kid television shows.

Ironically Disney would requisition the plot its entirety for its much-hyped and luke-warm computer animated Dinosaur feature. This wasn't the only time it would happen to poor Don Bluth however: sharper observers would remark on the similarities between his Titan AE and Disney's later Treasure Planet - and we're not talking just the fact that both tanked at the box office here.

Followed by innumerable straight-to-video sequels - too many to mention here!



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