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Rob Vaux

A Southern California native, Rob Vaux fell in love with the movies at an early age and has been a professional critic since the year 2000. His work has appeared on Flipside Movie Emporium, Mania.com, Collider.com and Filmcritic.com as well as the Sci-Fi Movie Page. He lives in the heart of surfer country and still defends the Star Wars prequels against all logic and sanity.

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    Robert Schreib

    ?? A storyline idea that was never fully explored, is that the REALLY bad ARCH-DEMONS like the Pennyworth clown/shape shifter, and the like, can ONLY manifest in our world, if some group of humans someone invoke or summon them, in some kind of ritual, usually on top of a ‘Hellmouth’ where the Ley Lines of the Earth’s magnetic field converge, which emit dark energy that make demons, etc. appear, and when ‘The Losers’ forced that gang rape on the lone girl of their group, THAT IS AN EVIL RITUAL! This particular monster’s apparent hesitancy to destroy the ‘Losers’ immediately, is because by invoking this demonic entity accidently in the first place, they are all somehow connected on a telepathic or spiritual level, and until this evil Clown-Demon can acquire new worshippers, to periodically make more rituals, to anchor his presence in our dimension, he cannot eliminate ALL of them, without severing his fragile link to this plane of existence!


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