STARRING: Kirk Douglas, Agostina Belli, Simon Ward, Anthony Quayle, Virginia McKenna, Alexander Knox

1977, 102 Minutes, Directed by: Alberto de Martino

This Italian/UK co-production is also known as THE CHOSEN. Robert Caine (Kirk Douglas, who rightly seems embarrassed to be in this movie.) is an American entrepreneur and businessman who is finally seeing his life's biggest ambition realized- the building of a nuclear power plant in an Arab state. But those involved in the project start dying violent deaths. Why? A priest manages to offer Caine the most rational explanation: Caine's son Nigel (Simon Ward) is the Antichrist who wants to use nuclear weapons to annihilate the world; and to make matters worse, Caine's sexy girlfriend (Agostina Belli) is pregnant with another potential devil's child.

Spaghetti clone of The Omen in which several nuclear reactor plants fits into the Anti-Christ's plans for world domination (a bit like Mr. Burns of The Simpsons I suppose). Kirk Douglas tries his best, but he really cannot rise above the mediocre script and story.

A serious case of de ja vu.



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