STARRING: Christopher Lambert, Mario Van Peebles, Deborah Unger, Mako, Raoul Trujillo, Martin Neufeld, Jean-Pierre Perusse, Daniel Do, Gabriel Kakon, Michael Jayston

1994, 94 Minutes, Directed by: Andy Morahan

The immortal Connor MacLeod (Christopher Lambert -- HIGHLANDER 1 & 2, FORTRESS) destined for a decisive battle with his ruthless eternal enemy, Kane (Mario Van Peebles -- GUNMEN, POSSE, NEW JACK CITY). Pursued across time by his arch rival, MacLeod must make a heroic last stand if he is to rid the earth of the seemingly unstoppable Kane.

They definitely don't come any worse than this. This second (and amazingly not the last last!) sequel to the original Highlander film ignores the events of the second film and television series completely and seems to be more of a remake of the original. Without the style, of course.

Terrible acting and plot holes large enough to fit the planet Jupiter in - one of them being the ancient Japanese warrior frozen in ice for several hundred years' perfect English and how they manage to travel from Japan to New York within what must have been 15 minutes . . .

Highlander - Endgame was the last big screen Highlander sequel and was inspired by the first movie and the TV series.



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