STARRING: Michael Nouri, Kyle MacLachlan, Ed O'Ross, Clu Gulager, Claudia Christian, Clarence Felder, Richard Brooks, William Boyett

1987, 96 Minutes, Directed by: Jack Sholder

There's a power-mad space slug slithering among (and through) the innocent citizens of L.A., and it's up to a hardboiled cop and a detective from way up north to stop it in this sci-fi action flick.

In many ways The Hidden is much like the original Terminator movie. Like that film it is pure B-movie material. A cop and an FBI agent played by Kyle (Dune) MacLachlan is in pursuit of an slug-like alien with a major flatulence problem and a predilection for fast cars, heavy rock and violent crime. Their situation is made worse by the fact that the alien has the ability to possess humans (and non-humans: in one scene it takes over a dog!) But the movie handles its material in a frenetic, inventive way with enough at times black humour to sustain several movies.

Part of the movie's success is also MacLachlan who gives a likeable performance. The Hidden starts off like many an el cheapo action movie with a brutal bank robbery and an extended (and at times funny) car chase, but stick with the movie: like the relatively inexpensive first Terminator film, it handles its plot and subject matter with unexpected intelligence. Sigh, now if we can only get some of those people responsible for all those stacks of el cheapo sci-fi movies that clutter the video shelves to do the same . . .

Followed by a sequel - The Hidden II in 1994 - which apparently by by all accounts one of those dreary el cheapo sci-fi movies that clutter the video shelves.


Sci-Fi Movie Page Pick:
Violent, clever, funny. This unexpectedly good violent sci-fi action movie reminds one most of the first Terminator movie.



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