Summer Crockett Moore and Tony Glazer of Choice Films, with Adam Dunn and Alan Neigher of Aurelian Productions, announced the key cast and directors of the first season of the upcoming episodic series, currently in production. Starring in the series will be Micheal Neeson, Manny Perez (Homeland, Luke Cage), Brett Cullen (Person of Interest, Narcos, “The Dark Knight Rises”), Michael Rabe (The Leftovers) and Lance Henriksen (“The Terminator,” “Aliens”). The series marks Micheal Neeson’s first lead role. Joining the previously announced director David Platt, helming several episodes of the first season, will be Darnell Martin (Cadillac Records, I Like It Like That), Matthew Penn (Damages, Royal Pains) and Tony Glazer (Hostage, Redrum), who is also producing. Judy Bowman, CSA (NY) is casting the series.

Big Dogs is based on Adam Dunn’s futuristic crime series, Rivers of Gold, The Big Dogs, Saint Underground, and the forthcoming The Unfathomable Deep. Each book will be the basis for its own season, creating enough content up front for four seasons. Created by Dunn, the series was written by Dunn with Glazer. Summer Crockett Moore and Tony Glazer are producing with Adam Dunn and Alan Neigher executive producing. The first season, eight episodes, is currently shooting in New York.

In a violent, decaying New York City torn by financial collapse, race riots, and a surging crime wave, an underworld economy of illegal, debauchery-ridden nightclubs linked by a web of taxicabs is thriving. But there is trouble in this dark paradise. Renny (Neeson), a young fashion photographer moving drugs through the taxi network for the party circuit, is forced to step up his game to a dangerous degree by his boss, Reza, the local front man for an international crime syndicate that’s looking to take over the city. Renny is soon in the cross-hairs of his boss and Detective Sixto Santiago (Perez), who is part of an experimental unit in the NYPD using undercover taxicabs to try to crack down on the drug trade that is keeping the prohibited party circuit afloat. But Santiago has just been partnered with a strange new arrival, Everett More (Rabe), who he soon realizes is anything but a cop. In the mix are McKeutchen (Cullen), captain of the CAB (Citywide Anti-Crime Bureau) and Totentoz (Henriksen), Special Agent in Charge of the NY-FBI Field Office. From the dank, dark garages of the city’s taxi trade to the glittering playpens of its richest and most powerful… Welcome to Big Dogs.

Says Glazer, “Big Dogs has an epic scope in regards to its storytelling – with so many diverse characters, including the city of New York itself. We are incredibly lucky to have a talented and diverse cast and crew at the helm.”

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By Timothy Janson

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