Rob Vaux of the Sci-Fi Movie Page speaks to the cast of cowboy / Ninja / fantasy flick The Warrior's Wa . . .

Jang Dong-gun, Sngmoo Lee and Barrie Osborne
Though well known in his native Korea , actor Jang Dong-gun is a newcomer to American movies. He hopes to change all of the with The Warrior’s Way, in which he plays an Asian swordsman fighting ninjas and bandits in the Old West. Director Sngmoo Lee helmed the film—his first ever, which makes it comparative polish all the more impressive. The pair worked under the auspices of producer Barrie Osborne, who won an Oscar for The Lord of the Rings as well as producing such notable genre films as The Matrix and Face/Off. The three sat down to discuss The Warrior’s Way at a recent Los Angeles press conference. A podcast of the interview follows.

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Danny Huston and Kate Bosworth
Danny Huston comes from a show biz family and has a long line of distinguished films to his credit, including The Proposition, Children of Men, The Constant Gardener and 21 Grams. Kate Bosworth made her debut in 1998’s The Horse Whisperer and has since appeared in Wonderland, Beyond the Sea, 21 and Superman Returns, where she played Lois Lane. The two star on opposite sides of the goody guy/bad guy line in The Warrior’s Way: he plays a disfigured bandit king, she plays the feisty knife-thrower who gave him his scars. The two talked about the film at a recent press conference in LA. A podcast of their comments follows.

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